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be an online coach in programming

Linkage with the Community

Progracademy invites you to its Linkage with the Community Internships as an Online Programming Coach.

You will have the opportunity to make a difference - forever - in the lives of underprivileged children, while developing skills that are increasingly necessary for you to have a successful career in the 21st-century labor market.

A better future is a human right. Make it a reality for you and for your  students.


You will be leading online programming lessons for primary and secondary school children in underpriviledged schools, using Progracademy´s complete competency development ecosystem, fully online. This ecosystem will allow you to achieve success for your students while developing your own leadership skills, teamwork and performance self-management according to the latest research carried out by universities and elite technology companies.

We use the Code.org curriculum in our programming courses for school children. By using attractive environments (Angry Birds, Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen), and simple and intuitive visual programming, the students develop their computational thinking, while learning about variables, loops, conditionals, functions, algorithms and many other topics.

You will be assigned to work -exclusively online- in Fe y Alegría schools (or similar ones, such as the Instituto Jesus Obrero).


It is a fact - finally recognized by all - that without social inclusion, the 21st-century societies cannot achieve security, economic growth and well-being. Education to underprivileged students in 21st-century competencies, including computational ones, is a condition for social inclusion.

The educational and social progress model of Progracademy helps to develop the 21st-century competencies (the 6C: Computational competencies, Critical and Creative thinking, and Collaboration, Communication, and Character) in an accessible way for the education systems focused on underprivileged students.

As a coach of Progracademy, you will be a leader in that work of social inclusion that we all need.

Labor market in the 21st century

Progracademy’s competency development ecosystem not only helps the success of school children but also their coaches.

As a Progracademy Coach, you will develop competencies that are increasingly demanded by the 21st-century labor market, whether you become an employee or an entrepreneur. Lessons learned from multi-annual and multi-million dollar Google projects (Oxygen and Aristotle) inform Progracademy’s ""soft"" competencies development model, all of them necessary for your success after college.

Next Steps

These would be the next steps if you are interested in being part of the Progracademy team:

1. Send your CV to entrenadores@proyectoavanza.eu (Progracademy is an initiative of the non-profit organization Asociación Proyecto Avanza, established in Spain in 2014).

2. Include in the CV not only academic training and work experience, but also interesting experiences in extra-curricular activities. Also specify your level of English in reading and listening.

3. Add a motivation letter to the CV, explaining why you would be interested in participating in Progracademy, and what you think you can contribute to the project.

4. The pre-selected candidates will be invited to online interviews with our team.

5. Prepare the Linkage with the Community proposal for your university (the selected candidates).